Pandurang Mhatre: Dedicated civil servant

Dattatray Pandurang Mhatre, the 58-year-old chief of the Water Supply department of Palghar in Maharashtra retired on the 31st of March, after serving the government for 33 years. As per his official records, he logged a sum total of just 54 days of leave in that long tenure. 

Mhatre's entire career at the Palghar civic body is testament to his dedication. He joined in 1982, after having worked as a turner at a Sewribased engineering unit. Though he had gotten the top rank at his SSC Board exams at Jeevan Vikas school in Palghar, Mhatre was unable to pursue his studies any further due to constrained financial circumstances.

To make ends meet, he began to works as an odd-jobs man with various engineering units, and he trained himself to acquire the credentials to become a turner, as well as a welder. 

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