Pavan Kumar digs a 50-foot well single-handedly

Pavan Kumar, a 17 year old teenager from Sagar Taluk in Karnataka has dug a 50 feet well singlehandedly to help his mother who had to make repeated trips to the public well. 

He took around 45 days to finish the task on his own.
Pavan's father works as a cook and his mother works at a printing unit in Sagar town in Karnataka.
As Pavan's mother had to go to the public well and carry the water in several trips for the family, 

Pavan decided to take the task of digging the well on his own. She was apparently bringing the water after coming back from work. As the family could not afford to hire labourers, Pavan decided to do the work himself.
Pavan took a break for 10 days to write his PU exams and continued with the work of digging the well.
In fact, Pavan reminds one of Dashrath Manjhi of Bihar who carved out a 360 foot road along a hill in memory of his wife.
Read full report in The Hindu

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