Bharulata Kamble plans a transcontinental car journey

UK-based Indian Bharulata Kamble is all set to undertake a journey across 29 countries to create a world record for a solo woman driver completing a transcontinental car journey. 

Ms Kamble, who is aiming at criss-crossing her way across two continents, 29 countries and 31,000 km, said that she will embark on her journey on July 16 and complete it in 75 days. Her last stop will be Mahad in Maharashtra.

The journey will be observed and recorded by the Guinness World Records, and will begin from Luton in England. Ms Kamble intends to cover an average of 700 km per day, and 500 km per day in mountainous regions. She will drive through 5,500 km of mountainous terrain, 2,500 km of desert and reach an altitude of 3,750m.

A key highlight of her attempt is that she will travel 708 km north of the Arctic Circle, breaking the current record of 400 km held by Victor Bruce, who drove to the north of Arctic Circle. She claims that if successful, her record cannot be broken as she will have reached the northernmost point in Europe.

Ms Kamble has completed three of four test drives, each requiring her to travel a minimum of 550 km in different parts of the world. A woman who has earlier driven 1,740 km while pregnant, Kamble believes that she has the required stamina and has planned thoroughly for her journey.

Read full report in Free Press Journal

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