Jivdaya Trust has saved one lakh animals and birds

Jivdaya Charitable Trust is a Ahmedabad based non-government animal welfare organization that provides medical care to un-owned domestic animals and also runs a rehabilitation centre for wild birds and small mammals. 

It also has a hospital named Jivdaya charitable trust's veterinary hospital. The hospital was recently in the news when the centre treated a crow which had a fractured beak probably in a fight with its predator. Set up in 2008 the hospital has treated well over 100,000 animals since then.

The effort they put on treating the crow was amazing. "The injury to the crow's beak would not have healed in a normal manner. It was then decided that to go in for external platting. Four bone plates would be applied externally on it's beak to immobilize it. 

Surgery was carried out and the crow has now recovered. The crow is now taking its feed with the help of its beak."

Jivdaya's objective is to help animals in pain and suffering and try nurture them back to a healthy and happy life. Animal lovers from all over the city routinely bring in injured and ill stray animals to our hospital. Similarly they also receive a variety of wild birds and small mammals at our rehabilitation centre. A mobile treatment van that attends to cases not requiring hospitalization is also being used.

Among the recent cases at the hospital when a  cow was admitted with a badly infected horn because of hyper granulation. On palpating the base of the affected horn was warm and dull sound could be heard on percussion. ""On confirming it as a case of Horn Cancer our Doctor at Jivdaya operated on the infected horn and surgically removed it. The cow completely healed after a few weeks." 

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