Kalu Dangar cleans the beaches of Dandi

Kalu Dangar, a social scientist, leaves his house in the morning in Dandi in Navsari district of Gujarat to clean up the nearby beach. He has been on this mission for four years now.

He covers an area of three square kilometre on Dandi sea front and picks up the litter thrown by the visitors.

From all the beaches in south Gujarat, you will find the one at the historic village of Dandi in Navsari to be most cleanest, beautiful and peaceful. 

After two hours of rigorous cleaning exercise on the beach in the morning, he arrives at Dandi chowpaty to clean the main entrance and garden, and then fills up the 2,000 litre overhead water tank for the visitors.

"I always ask the visitors to throw the litter in the dustbin. They do not follow my plea, and throw the litter on beach," says Dangar, who collects Rs 100 each from the shop owners on Dandi beach in a month to take up welfare activities.

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