Khopadewadi shows the way in water conservation

Villagers of Khopedewadi near Pune have over the past two years been digging a well where one person from every house of the village has put in eight hours daily for the construction of a well in the village. 

The villagers had made a rule that if a family failed to send any person for construction work on any given day, they would have to pay a penalty of Rs 250. At least 35-odd houses of Khopadewadi even contributed an amount each, to raise Rs 65,000 for the well, while the rest was donated by Pune-based private firm Persistent Systems.

The well, 30-foot deep and 45-foot high, that got ready last year before the monsoon, still has water up to 15 feet. So while the people of many surrounding villagers are struggling every day for water, Khopadewadi villagers are reaping the fruits of their labour.

Earlier villagers of Khopedewadi used to get their water from neighbouring villages and with water scarcity around there used to be squabbles around the same.
The bad roads around the village did not permit water tankers to reach the village.  

NGO Jnana Prabodhini led the initiative of bringing the villagers together and built the well.

Read full report in Indian Express

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