Legacy of Jettys: Focus on wrestling community

It took Maheshwaran 10 years of research into this wrestling community to bring about the 188-page book in English, with a host of interesting photos that trace their art.

These originators of martial skills, who came from Gujarat, once depended on royal patronage after their migration, and were mainly associated with the Royal kingdom of Mysore, apart from Thanjavur, Krishnadevaraya, Tipu Sultan, Gaekwads of Baroda and the Rajput King, Prithviraj Chauhan of Ajmer.

Legacy of Jettys is a 188-page exhaustive addition to the world of books in English with a host of interesting photos that documents the community’s original settlers from Modhera in Gujarat. Nearly 400 families subsequently migrated to the south looking for royal patronage to the art in 1025 A.D., i.e., 991 years ago.

The community of Jettys made their way to the south after entering Andhra Pradesh first. Their language is a curious mix of many vernacular idioms, including Telugu and Kannada, called the Mallabhasha, secretly spoken during war and wrestling.

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