Raja Ravi Varma: Ganesh Shivaswamy collects rare lithographs

Ganesh Shivaswamy is an art collector and is a trustee of the Raja Ravi Varma Heritage Foundation based out of Bangalore. He has been collecting original lithographs of Raja Ravi Varma's paintings and has around 131 lithographs in his collection and which he plans to display to the public.

Ganesh Shivaswamy is a proud owner of the lithographs which were printed in 1906 after the death of Raja Ravi Varma. The curated show is also expected to travel abroad to showcase the works of the painter.  

Experts estimate that Ravi Varma had completed 134 lithographs. “But after intensive research, only 131 are available. Out of these, 127 are from my personal collection,” says Mr. Shivaswamy. The rest came from other collectors.

Lithostones, paints, pictures of the press, and other objects of Ravi Varma rescued by Bengaluru-based collector, Vijaynath Shenoy, will also be on display leading to a total of 262 exhibits in addition to the 131 lithographs.

Raja Ravi Varma is especially noted for his depiction of gods in the Hindu canon.

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