Ramesh builds tools to understand classical music

A chakra comprising concentric circles to understand music, be it Hindustani, Carnatic, or Western.

That’s exactly what L.S. Ramesh from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras has created.

His chart depicts the exact notes that make up a musical scale.

Ramesh, calls the chart ‘Saraswati 72-Melakarta Chakra’. Its minimalistic design helps even the uninitiated understand the basic points that make up musical scales across classical genres.

Ramesh has used dots on a keyboard to indicate the exact placement of a note or a swara in his chakra .

“It simplifies the way in which this chakra can be used, even laymen can play on the keyboard to understand their flow,” he explains. It took  Ramesh six years of research to delve into the nucleus of these classical genres and come up with keyboard dot indications for comprehension.

Read full report in The Hindu 

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