Swimmer Niranjan makes India sit up and take notice

He has undergone 16 surgeries after he was born with a condition known as Spina Bifida that left him with lumps on his lower back, clubbed feet and his right leg paralysed. 

But today, using determination and dedication to fuel his pursuit of excellence as a para-swimmer, Bangalore’s Mukundan Niranjan has made all of India sit up and take note of him

Niranjan’s journey from JP Nagar in Bangalore to the world stage is a remarkable saga of self-belief and relentlessness. Realising his intellectual faculties were not affected by his medical condition, Niranjan has chased dreams – not only in the world of sport but also in academics where he has his eyes set on becoming a chartered accountant.

After some early surgeries, doctors suggested he to take up either horse-riding or swimming as part of the physiotherapy. “I was afraid of animals and I loved water, so the choice was easy,” Niranjan says. “I learnt swimming in a couple of weeks’ time and was able to get from the shallow end to the deep end sooner than most beginners.”

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