Venkataraman feeds 400 people at their doorstep everyday

Swabhimaan, a charitable trust run by Venkataraman of Bangalore benefits hundreds of slum-dwellers by providing them a wholesome meal every day at their doorstep. 

Launched last October, the initiative is a brainchild of Venkataraman, 60, a retired marketing professional, and his wife Vijaya, 52. It is one of the welfare projects undertaken by Swabhimaan, which was born in 2000.

The couple feeds around 200 families in the area (more than 400 members). 

Venkataraman the managing trustee of Swabhimaan has organised an vehicle which can accommodate 10 to 12 large storage vessels. The driver collects unused food from the canteens of three software companies - Intuit, Cadence and Amadeus. The vehicle reaches the slum by 5pm and five volunteers distribute the food among families who can't afford a square meal.

Venkatraman has for six years, been providing monthly ration worth Rs 500 to about 500 poor families. Last year, he realized there are residents who can't cook despite having the raw materials. Some don't have a roof over their heads while the others can't afford kerosene. Some are even disabled. It is then that we thought of bringing cooked food to their doorsteps," he says.

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