Yogita Raghuvanshi drives a 30-tonne truck

Yogita Raghuvanshi is not your normal inter-state trucker. She is also a qualified lawyer, who prefers the hard life on the highways to look after her family, instead of working as a lawyer.

She has been travelling across the country with her truck through all kinds of terrain since 2000. She drives a 14 wheel, 30 tonnne truck. 

Yogita Raghuvanshi says that she was not doing the job of a trucker not because she wanted to break stereotypes. It was due to some family circumstances and she wanted that to be understood by others.

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The world of truckers was an all male world but Yogita Raghuvanshi has made an impact in the same. She had her set of problems when she started out with the hostile outlook of the males around her, but she has overcome all such petty jealousies.

Yogita Raghuvanshi has two children, Yashika and Yashwin — both undergraduate  students. Yogita Raghuvanshi grew up in Nandurbar in Maharashtra with four siblings, earning degrees in Commerce and Law.

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