Aslam Parvaiz runs a Urdu-language Science magazine

As an Urdu-medium student in a madrasa in Delhi, young Parvaiz hardly found any books or magazines in Urdu that could satiate his curiosity. 

In the Sunday markets of old Daryagunj, he used to find Russian books translated into Urdu, and that is how he discovered Benjamin Franklin. 

As a high-school student, he set up a science lab in his house. Years later, when he became the principal of Zakir 
Hussain College, he started a new venture in another corner of his house — Urdu Science.

Dr M Aslam Parvaiz has been bringing out the magazine Urdu Science for the past 18 years. It's a one-man show mostly, with a helping hand available for packing and dispatching copies from the garage of the house. 

The spartan set-up is not the only thing that makes this journal unique — this is India's only monthly magazine on science and technology in Urdu, with students of language-medium schools and madrasas as its primary readers. In fact, in keeping with the target audience, the magazine, Science Urdu Mahnama, was launched by an Urdu-medium school student during the 1994 World Book Fair.

Having completed a PhD in botany, Dr. Parvaiz started writing in Urdu for Quami Awaz, then edited by Mohan Chirag. Noticing that most Urdu-medium students opted for the humanities, he wanted to popularise science.

While lack of funds has been the main hurdle since the very beginning, Dr Parvaiz finds it satisfying that from the first till the 
latest 220th edition, there's never been a dearth of original write-ups on science in Urdu. 

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