Gurmeet Singh serves uncared for patients in Patna

As Patna celebrated the three-day International Sikh Conclave, Gurmeet Singh was getting a cotton shirt and trousers stitched, his first in six years. The sexagenarian Sikh, who hasn’t stepped out of Patna for 13 years, is preparing to receive this year’s World Sikh Award in London, having been picked out of 100 entries from all over the world in the category “Sikhs in Seva” by a London based organization, The Sikh Directory. 

For over 20 years Gurmeet Singh has been visiting the lawaris or the abandoned patient’s ward of Bihar’s biggest government hospital every night with food, medicine and compassion for poor patients who have no one to turn to. At the lawaris ward patients wait for this Good Samaritan Sikh as someone waits for their angel.

Every night riding on his white scooty Gurmeet Singh leaves his small garment shop in the busy Chiraiyatand, buys food packets from a roadside “Radhe Krishna” eatery, near Gandhi Maidan, stops at Braj Ballabh Ghosh, a wheel cart sweet shop at the busy Ashok Rajpath. Sometimes Gurmeet buys eggs instead of sweets for a “change of taste”. With his bag full, he enters the PMCH’s “abandoned” ward, washes his hands in the wash basin takes out the steel plates he has kept there and serves food to the waiting patients.

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