Margaret had shot this iconic photo

Margaret Bourke-White, who came to India to record the run-up to the Partition in 1947, maintained a strong connection with the country. “The work in India had been a most stimulating part of my life,” she wrote in her autobiography, Portrait of Myself. “It was an inspiration to have such a vast subject spread on an enormous canvas and peopled with such extraordinary personalities.”

Her image of Mahatma Gandhi at the spinning wheel in 1946 became one of the best-known photographs in the world. She was also the last person to interview Gandhi just before his assassination on January 30, 1948.

As a leading light of photojournalism of her era, Margaret Bourke-White (1904-1971) undertook many critical and often mortally dangerous assignments across the world. As a freelancer and staff photographer of LIFE magazine, she covered a variety of historic events including the wars in Russia, North Africa, Italy, and Germany.  

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