Nandan Purkayastha: When Indian folklore meets cowboy comics

Nandan Purkayastha is an alumni of National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi, and is inspired by Indian folklore and western cowboy comics.

Born in Tinsukia in Assam Nandan was surrounded by folklore and was fond of reading western cowboy comics. In his work, you will find stories that have emerged from the east but the drawing style is inspired by western comics. Durga Puja and Bihu were part of his childhood in Assam, so, they always form part of the work.

The Durga idol, asuras (demons), tiger, birds and human figures all come together in colourful canvases created by Purkayastha, who uses the rotring ballpoint pen for these intricately detailed patterns. All his characters can be spotted in flowing garments, floating in air and sharing space with flora and fauna, all intertwined with each other to form a surreal dreamscape of magical realism.

Talking about his black and white pen and ink drawing titled 'The Enlightened', he says, “We are surrounded by so much chaos in our daily lives and what can help us is meditation. The meditative quality about Buddha attracts me.”

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