Syeda Nasreen is an e-rickshwaw driver in Delhi

Breaking social barriers and beating the odds, East Delhi's Syeda Nasreen-- the sole Muslim woman e-rickshaw driver in the area-- is setting an example. With her head partially covered with a headscarf, Nasreen trawls the by-lanes of Karkardooma for passengers, competing with the male e-rickshaw drivers who dominate the streets, and multitasks her household chores.

She can be seen taking passenger from Karkardooma metro station to the district court, covering a distance of 3 km, in umpteen batches through the day. While her alcoholic husband stays at home, she negotiates the mean streets to earn for her family of five.

Around three years ago, when Nasreen invested the pension fund savings from her last job in an e-rickshaw for her husband, she hoped for a glimmering future. Little did she know what the future held for her.

Read the full report in The Outlook Magazine
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