Indian Masala Tea is a popular beverage in White House

Cristeta Pasia Comerford, chef of US President Barack Obama, believes that Indian cooking is more than a philosophy. 

“Indian recipes are straight from the heart. It’s more about mixing of fragrances and tastes. Whenever any official visits the White House, we try to make him/her feel at home by preparing tea from Indian leaves. Indian masala tea is a popular beverage in the White House.” 

Cristeta is the first woman and first person of Asian descent to hold the post of the White House executive chef since 2005. 

Seventeen grand chefs of the world’s most exclusive gastronomic society Le Club Des Chefs Des Chefs are in India for a event.

For the host chef, Montu Saini, chef of the President of India, it is a dream come true to make top chefs of the world visit India for the first time in the society’s 40-year history.

Read full report in Deccan Herald

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