Limitless: A film on women runners

Limitless, is a film that talks of the attitude towards women who run and hopes to encourage more women to take up this healthy sport, breaking the many barriers they face. 

It is directed by Bangalore-based Vrinda Samartha and produced by India Amateur Runners Trust (IART), which works towards growing the running space in the country and improve the running experience of amateur runners.

The film follows eight women from different cities who have taken up running at various stages in their life, for multiple reasons and goals.  The film deals with the issues that women runners face from unsupportive families and a society that looks down upon them to demanding schedules at office and work and issues of safety and security that women runners face. 

Some glimpses from the film include; a pregnant woman runs with determination to run, a  lady in her 60s who talks of the benefits of running and a mother who asks her young daughter why she’s embarrassed that her mother is running....

The film will surely get women and hopefully, men thinking.

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The trailer of the film is on YouTube

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