Mansarovar Project throws light on Urdu poems

The Mansarovar Project (TMP) is a brainchild of Shivam Sharma and Ananth Nath Sharma to shed light on some of the lesser-known Hindi and Urdu poems, by interpreting them through videos, now on YouTube. 

Shivam grew up in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and enjoyed stories and poetry. He says that TMP was born through informal recitations. The positive feedback he received for his voice and poetry reading encouraged him to consider a poetry podcast.

On a whim, he recorded and shot a called poem, Tu Kavita Ho Jana, that I have written, and uploaded it on YouTube,” recalls Sharma.

The video was well received: it clocked 1,500 views on YouTube overnight. So, Sharma decided to take the concept forward, with professional assistance. He reached out to his photographer friend, Anant Nath Sharma (30) and they now collaborate on the project.

Their approach is minimalistic. For instance, for the video titled Ghar, based on a poem by Agyeya, the visuals are of a man doing mundane domestic chores. 

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Aakri Mulaqat by Nisar Akhtar on YouTube 

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