Morassa Sayadi uses Sanskrit as a bridge to Iran

Morassa Sayadi, an Iranian linguist specialising in Sanskrit, is planning a Farsi translation of the Puranic Encyclopedia by Vettam Mani, a Kerala based scholar.

Many of the gods and goddesses of the Puranas, like Indra and Agni, had parallels in ancient Iran, she says. The ancient Iranian language of Avestan has numerous words in common with Sanskrit.

Sayadi, a native of Faryab, a village in the Bushehr province of Iran, got to know the similarities between the ancient civilizations of her country and India when she was introduced to Sanskrit as a student of ancient languages. Her fascination brought her to India, where she learned about the diverse cultures and languages that coexist here.

Kerala, where she pursued her PhD in Sanskrit, has similarities with her native province, she says. Although Sayadi returned to Bushehr in Iran in 2014 after completing her PhD from the University of Kerala, she has returned now to complete her post-doctoral studies in Kerala.

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