Smita, Chattisgarh constable has a huge Facebook following

Smita Tandi is a constable, but unlike any you may have come across. With 719,640 followers (and counting) on Facebook, few match the popularity and reach the Chhattisgarh policewoman has on the social media platform. What’s more, Tandi has gained her followers in barely 20 months of setting up her account.

There is no PR machinery at work or paid followers in play on her account, according to Tandi, 24, who joined the police in January 2011. She believes the people’s connect she enjoys is due to the content of her posts — bringing the plight of the poor to light and urging people to help.

A personal tragedy and her desire to help others led Tandi to open her Facebook account in March 2015. Tandi and her friends started a group in 2014 to help the poor. 

So, what makes her posts different from others and why her calls for crowdfunding work? “When I come to know about the problem of a poor person in Bhilai, Raipur or nearby, I visit the person when possible, check the facts and only then post about it on Facebook,” said Tandi, who lives in a rented house in Durg with her family. 

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