Fidel Castro and the Indian 'miracle' plant

What Fidel Castro loved most from India was ‘moringa’ or drumsticks, or ‘nuggekai’, as it is called in Kannada. In May 2015, when he had just recovered from a long illness, his first public meeting was a discussion on drumsticks.

He called the plant the “miracle” from India, and credited it for his recovery. He had got his aides to bring him drumstick seeds from Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and had them cultivated for his daily diet after being told they are good for stomach ailments.

In the last four years, a number of moringa trees have come up on Castro’s residential compound on the outskirts of Havana.

After a long battle with a mysterious stomach ailment that was rumored to be cancer, his interest in moringa went up even further. In October 2012, the official Cuban news agency, Prensa Latina, quoted Castro praising the properties of moringa.

Read full report in Deccan Herald
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