Robert Geesink, painter, made Hampi his home

Robert Geesink, was a Dutch national and artist who had made Hampi his home for over four decades. Geesink, who arrived at Hampi during his tour of India in 1978, decided to settle there after being fascinated by its natural beauty and the ancient architectural monuments. He began capturing them on the canvas.

He passed away recently.

The life of the local Lambani community, besides the beauty of the monuments, formed an important part his works. He has done numerous portraits of Lambani women with their colourful traditional attire and jewellery. He also had working knowledge of their Lambani dialect and Kannada.

Geesink captured in minute details the enchanting rocky terrain and the picturesque environs in and around Hampi. He held exhibitions in various places in the country and also abroad. 

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