Rohith Subramaniam is on a bike; travelling across 46 countries

Rohith Subramaniam is a man who can never run out of stories to tell. Born in Bengaluru and currently in Mumbai, the 22-year-old has embarked on a road journey that will take him to 46 countries in the next year-and-a-half. 

In January this year, Rohith Subramaniam made headlines when he rode around India for 150 days and 32,000 kilometres covering all the states and union territories on his royal Enfield. All through, he survived by selling tea, working as a waiter, tilling farms and even repairing broken shoes. 

Rohith's only luggage is a duffel bag with clothes, essentials, a laptop and chargers; he believes in travelling light. He had a GoPro attached to his helmet that he lost during a trip. 

The thirst to travel began last year when Subramaniam launched a crowdfunding start-up called FundMyDream. "I used to run a crowdsourcing company and initially found it tough to crowdfund my trip. However, the Internet was helpful and helped me raise about Rs 5 lakh.

"I have one meal a day and survive on water for the rest of the day, says Rohith.

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