Sushil Kumar Chatterjee collects curious at 92

Walking into Sushil Kumar Chatterjee’s‎ room is like walking through time, like stepping into a different era, or, many eras at the same time. 

An early 18th-century sundial, a video camera dating back to World War I and a grandfather clock are among the variety of objects that dot Chatterjee’s small attic room. A collection built over decades, the nonagenarian makes it a point to wipe clean these objects every day, first thing in the morning.

Chatterjee, better known in his north Kolkata neighbourhood as Naku-babu, is a product of Bengal's landed gentry. The scion of an old money family, he inherited a substantial wealth and instead of wasting it, the 92-year-old decided to use his inheritance to fuel his interest of all that is mechanical and breathed new life into such things.

Even the 60 sqft room he sleeps in has such curios strewn all over and even stacked all around his old-style mahogany bed. The objects Chatterjee collected over the years are as varied and as numerous that even the large, leather-bound ledger book, used by clerks of the East India Company, will run out of pages to record an inventory of his collection.

Read full report in Deccan Herald
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