Harman Singh struggled to make our highways drink-free

Harman Singh Sidhu, is the person whose Public Interest Litigation led to the Supreme Court order banning highway liquor sales outlets recently.

In 1996, Harman Singh Sidhu, was almost killed when he was driving home to Chandigarh from Himachal Pradesh when the car skidded on a kutcha road and fell down a hill.

While his friends managed to get out, Harman couldn't move. They took him to the PGI in Chandigarh. Harman had suffered a spinal injury, paralyzing him from neck down. He was bound to a wheelchair at the age of 26.

That realisation became a turning point for Harman. It gave him an aim to work for — road safety. He started holding awareness campaigns in Chandigarh and used the RTI law to get information on road accidents.

The figures are alarming. One person dies every four minutes on Indian roads — the highest in the world. As many as 1,46,133 people died last year. Several studies shown that alcohol is a major culprit. According to a WHO study, 30 to 35% accidents are due to drunken driving. 

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