Prasanna Mishrikoti has a way with boomerangs

Prasanna Mishrikoti has mastered the art of making boomerangs and has taken part in a boomerang championship in Germany.

Mishrikoti was among the top 100 players from across the world who took part in the recently concluded Boomerang championship at Kiel, Germany. From having to make his own boomerangs to fund his trips all by himself, the challenges he faced were aplenty, said Mishrikoti.

An engineering graduate from BVB College, Hubballi, he took to the sport, inspired by a show on Discovery Channel. “I was inspired as to how the sport had so much science in it. I researched on how the sport is played internationally,” he said.

Even as a few websites sell boomerangs online, they said they had no delivery facility to India. Mishrikoti soon learnt making his own boomerangs.

He makes his boomerangs either with wood or composite materials like carbon fibres. What began as a hobby turned into his passion. Today, his boomerangs take 160-foot-long flights. With no coach to guide, Mishrikoti adopted the trial and error method to perfect the sport.

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