Vijay Kumar is converting Oman’s dirty water

A patented technology that can convert sewage and other contaminated water into potable water has seen a Bengaluru scientist bag a $3,00,000-project in Oman, while another $2.2-million project is in the pipeline.

Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, who has more than 30 inventions to his name, said the Boom Tube Resonator is a pet project given the water crisis across the world. Using the technology, Kumar's campus recovers 10,000 litres of water from sewage every day with no chemicals or microorganisms and uses it even for drinking.

The project, Kumar said, will see a machine built completely in India (Bengaluru) installed in Oman. "Given that it's a completely automated technology, we will just need to install once and train a few of them to just oversee," he said. It will have the capacity to convert 1.70 lakh litres of contaminated water per day. The project will be executed in partnership with Oman-based Global Engineering Solutions (GES).

His team has got queries from Qatar, Singapore and Australia as well. Malaysia has shown interest to recover 10 lakh litres of water per day. 

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